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KELEVRA is the most recent member of our rooster. Therefore his bio lacks in content, but his sets don’t.



SELMOLEON found his way to Kaputt mit Stil early and opend their first ever event. Beforehand he went to techno parties all over Switzerland and his interest in the techno culture and music increased steadily. In 2020, the eager need to create his own sets became more and more explicit so he decided to DJ by himself.

His playstyle can be described as a set of diversified synth sounds combined with heavy kicks and progressive percussions underlined with a driving baseline. Selmoleon pursues the highest musical experience possible to create a levitating atmosphere where the people around him and himself can get lost in emotion and ecstasy.

tony hannya

Not much is known about TONY HANNYA, as he covers his identity behind his iconic mask.
What he lacks in visible face, he makes up with his hard and driving sets and his unmatched passion and drive for something greater.

This didn’t go unnoticed, even outside of Switzerland, therefore he regularly gets invited beyond the border. Besides his residency at Kaputt mit Stil, he works together with District4 Agency, based in Berlin.